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The Magic Paw - Legend and lore of the domestic cat.

This is a section where I had been over-ambitious.  Nevertheless, I had managed to present some material for this section of my website, which I think was of some good quality. So even though I abandoned the idea of continuing to develop this area of my website, I will post the resources I had gathered and created.

  • Cats in World Mythology 
  • A discussion of the role of cats in the mythology and folklore of various cultures and ethnic groups.
  • Who is Bast, really??
  • An essay I have written for the website of #catchat.  This acts as an outside link.  The essay needs to be revised and corrected, as soon as I have the time to do this.
  • Cats in Literature
  • This does not intend to be an exhaustive overview of cats in literature, but more of a list of some books where cats play an interesting role.
  • Cats of the Zodiac
  • An entertaining view of star signs, as applied to cats.  


Michael Deguara, - Last updated - 28 October 2001