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C.A.T.S. and Astrology


that begins with:

Read as Selene, a mystical black cat tells you more about your moggie's purrsonality.

Ever looked up to the skies and wondered whether the stars affected your feline companions? Whether you believe or not in astrology, I'm sure you'll find this site fun. All the quotes are taken from "Stargazing for Cats" by Jill Davies, a must have for all cat lovers interested in astrology. It is beautifully and cutely illustrated by wood cuttings by Christopher Cunliffe.

By the way, I'm looking for pictures which would describe the signs quite well, but with cats instead of the traditional one. If you think your cat is very typical of a sign or another, or you have a cartoon or any other pic which you think may be of use in this page just send it. We'll be very grateful. Also you may e-mail me to list your cat as a "Famous Moggy" of one sign or another.

Note: The pronouns "he" and "she" are used according to the gender traditionally given to the signs. Fire and Air signs are considered masculine, while Earth and Water signs are considered feminine.

Click on the ASCII-cat under your cat's star sign to view your cat's astrological description.
If you don't know your cat's sign, consult on the dates below the sign names.


21 Apr-21May

22 May-21 Jun

22 Jun-23 Jul





23 Nov-21 Dec

22 Dec-20Jan





The Ram
21 March to 20 April
Element - Fire
Quality - Cardinal
Planet - Mars

"Wherever he's going he has to be there fast. Aries was born excited, and born to be The Boss."

Aries has a natural obsession with dominating. Mars-ruled, he wants to dominate the cockroach running across your floor, the cat next door, and above all...your heart. Probably very demanding, the Aries cat will only be cuddled when HE wants to...will only be petted when HE wants to...will only eat when HE wants to. However, all this has a positive side - those moments (eg. when he WILL be petted) are so rare, that they are extremely precious.

Aries is one of the most loyal signs. Though he may scratch you all over (which is, alas, a common characteristic of Mars ruled moggies), it was just a temporary feeling, he'll soon come to make peace with you.

However, Aries will bring this firey optimistic atmosphere to the house he lives in and this feeling will even be transmitted to you. Though egocentric and bad tempered, and though he may not be the cuddly cat you'll expect him to be Aries is definitely the cat to brighten up your life.

Famous Arian Moggies: Pizza Pia Deguara,


The Bull
21 April to 21 May
Element - Earth
Quality - Fixed
Planet - Venus

"Languid and sensual, Taurus is the very essence of felinity. A cat who's so easy to love."

The typical Taurus cat is fat one. A feline bon viveur, the Taurean feline will choose only the finest of food (she will always expect an occasional treat of smoked salmon or caviar), and will not do too much exercise. Obesity, therefore, is a condition often encountered with this sign. She loves, and loves being loved.

However Taureans are also famous for their possessiveness, so be warned - don't move her toys!!! Her hug carries this message: "Don't go away. You're mine!".

The connection to the Earth is probably felt most strongly in Taurus. She will spend her lazy hours in the garden, if possible in the sun.

Love a Taurus, and she will love ten times more.


The Twins
22 May to 21 June
Element - Air
Quality - Mutable
Planet - Mercury

"It is perhaps, fortunate that cats have yet to master the use of the telephone. Were they able to operate the instrument, the quarterly bills of those who live with a Gemini puss would be astronomically high."

This quotation is quite reasonable, as Gemini is the most talkative sign of the Zodiac. No wonder it is ruled by Mercury, god of communication!

Geminian felines are restless, and though travel opportunities are severely limited for cats, Geminian cats do the most they can do. They will explore every garden in the neighbourhood. If possible he will go further. He will communicate with humans about as well as with other cats. Chatter, Mischief and Variety. These are the three ideals of the Gemini.

Gemini also suggests a double life. Ever wondered where your Gemini cat is when he doesn't come back for a number of days? He is residing in his other house with his other human family and is right now being called by his other name. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Famous Geminian Moggies: Ganni Gypsy Deguara


The Crab
22 June to 23 July
Element - Water
Quality - Cardinal
Planet - the Moon

"To her, you are simply a very large kitten...nobody cuddles like a Cancer."

Cancer is traditionally the sign of motherhood. Therefore, a Cancerian cat is inclined to treat everyone like a kitten, and if she ever has kittens of her own, she will be very attached to them.

Cancerian cats are very sensitive, and you must be careful not to shove them away, for example, as you might break her heart. She will also come and help, whenever you have a problem, as she will always notice.

The changeable Moon Juliet was so afraid of in the balcony scene gives the Cancerian a reputation for a moody character. A small fault, however, in comparision to her loving purrsonality.



The Lion
23 July to 23 August
Element - Fire
Quality - Fixed
Planet - the Sun

"Why, his whiskers alone speak volumes in testimony to his importance! He can demonstrate his unquestionable superiority with a mere Look, and can put you in your place with a flick of his august tail."

Whoever owns a Leo cat (if a Leo may ever be owned), may boast that a king lives in his/her house. The Leo will be literally king of the house, commanding you and everyone else, including other creatures that may be present.

Not only is a Leo cat important, but he also knows he is important. Leo cats demand respect and regularity, a decent life, (even though a luxurious one would do better). He also demands attention, and attention.

However, though this may give the impression that a Leo feline is an unfeeling cat, to be loved by a Leo is a very great honour.


The Virgin
24 August to 23 September
Element - Earth
Quality - Mutable
Planet - Mercury

"A creature of habit, her routine includes rigorous nose-to-tail ablutions at least three times a day. In the pose more delicately described as 'playing the harp', she will scrub away at herself until she positively glows with cleanliness"

Virgo is probably the fussiest sign of the Zodiac. Though the Virgo cat is happy with small things as much as with luxuries, hygiene is essential for her. As the quote says she will wash herself very often (Virgos are famous for sleeping in baths!) and will be fussy about her food plate, not only about its cleanliness, but also about its position.

Her fussiness, however will be concentrated on the food bowl's contents. If the food you offer her fails her hygienic standards, she'd rather starve than eat it. She may even go on hunger strikes!!! Another thing - her litter tray must be frequently cleaned.

One of her many habits is sleeping in the laundry basket. She also has a sort of fetish with textiles, whose threads she likes to feel among her claws. Virgo - the less troublesome of cats, and the cleanest of them too!


The Scales
24 September to 23 October
Element - Air
Quality - Cardinal
Planet - Venus

"A prettier cat than Libra never existed. Shapely, well-marked and with a symmetry of feature unmatched by any other sign, he is the cat of calendars, chocolate box lids and advertising posters: a photographers dream."

Extremely calm and languid, the Libra cat will be found to be a veryuseful character in the house, as the moment a Libra puss steps into a house, it is aestethically perfected. Venus bestowed upon the Libran cat the gift of beaity, and the symbol of the scales, which is the sign of Libra, balances between physical beauty and interior beauty, both of which the Libran cat is very rich in.

Libra may be a bit fussy when it comes to sudden changes, such as changes in the household, or changes in food. By the way, you must be very careful to give the Libran cat a correct, balanced diet. By nature calm, this feline may react badly to things like loud music or noise (Chopin is probably his favourite composer), and frantic lifestyles.

Libra will warmly welcome any guest, except, quite understandably, a noisy child. He will not scratch him or anything, however, it's not in his style. Rather he will go into his private corner, and meditate, till the noise has stopped.


The Scorpion
24 October to 22 November
Element - Water
Quality - Fixed
Planet - Pluto (traditionally Mars)

"It would be a mistake to call your Scorpio cat 'Tiddles'. Or 'Twinkle' or 'Fluffy'. Or 'Bobo', or any other jokey name incommensurate with the dignity of a cat who knows she's a Master of the Universe."

Whatever a Scorpio Cat does, it must be done with intensity. Even if the action is eating from her bowl, or tearing some textile, or dropping something on the floor, the Scorpian will act with intensity. She will put all her soul in doing the action.

At times the Scorpian may seem a bit of a weirdo and, let's face it, she's not the type to be cuddled every single time you want to do so. However, at times you will see her spell-binding eyes glitter with admiration for you, especially at times when you don't spontanously exclaim "Gootchigootchigoo" in her face. Dignified Scorpios hate that, definitely.

It is extremely dangerous to one's household and to one's being to have a Scorpio cat as an enemy. Any trouble she is able to cause, she will cause. However, once you earn a Scorpio's love (come on, after all it's not difficult) you may say that you've got something that other people probably don't have.


The Centaur
23 November to 21 December
Element - Fire
Quality - Mutable
Planet - Jupiter (traditionally Mars)

"This endearing cat is a four-legged accident waiting to happen."

Sagittarius is, quite paradoxically, both the clown and the philosopher of the Zodiac. As clown he will be clumsy, cause a number of damages, and make everyone laugh. And another thing, every respectable Sagittarius feline in his clowning mood requires an audience, so stop immediately from what you're doing and go see him when he starts being funny, which he often does.

As an adventurer, the Sagittarian will often get hurt, and you'd better keep a vet's number handy. He may often stay away for a number of days, then come back again. He probably would have been hunting and seeing new lands and new gardens.

As a philosopher cat, the Sagittarian feline, also driven by the optimistic outlook on life given to him by Jupiter, will come and console you every time he will notice you are passing through a hard time. And the probability is that he'll notice. At those moments you will surely forgive him the many damages he made around the house and the vet's bills.


The Sea Goat
22 December to 20 January
Element - Earth
Quality - Cardinal
Planet - Saturn


"Regardless of her actual lineage, the Capricorn kitten is born secure in the knowledge that she is an Aristocrat in the making."

The Capricorn Cat (note the capital "C"s), therefore have a fixed reputation of being snobs. She deems herself perfect, and wants everything around her to be so. Haven't you ever noticed the way she surveys you with that superior gaze as you are doing the housework? And haven't you noticed how she will not tolerate any loud person in the house. She will not stand anyone calling her funny names. After all, she has her dignity to keep.

However, the Capricornian makes a wonderful home-loving cat. Besides loving the home, she will love you too, but only after you have reached her standards and ONLY IF you respect her enough. Portly, she will remind you of Queen Victoria, controlling everything from the place she likes to stay in, which she doesn't change as often as other cats do. After all there is a need of stability in today's world, no?

Patient and stoic she may be, but so proud is she, that she will not speak to you (though linguists may say that animals don't have language, cat lovers will understand what I mean here) for a number of days if you scold her. She may even go on hunger strikes. However, she herself makes sure that she has a spotless conscience, and you may be sure that you won't have much to scold her about, as Capricorn is the most disciplined sign of all.


The Water Carrier
21 January to 19 February
Element - Air
Quality - Fixed
Planet - Uranus (traditionally Saturn)

"Like all Air signs, Aquarius is fascinated by gadgets, and he has a better grasp of electronics than many humans. He would rather watch the television rather than the goldfish bowl;he can operate the video (he can probably programme the video); and he likes to 'help' with the word processor. He's extremely intelligent."

Whoever has an Aquarian Cat residing in his house, can say that he has a loyal friend. He will always be there when you need him, and he will come unquestioningly. However, he may be felt to be a bit too impassive and unemotional. There's nothing to do about that, but there are lots of positive points in the Aquarian character to make up for it.

For example, since Aquarius is the sign of invention and technology, this cat will spend hours trying to find new ways of doing things. He will devise a more efficient way of eating his food. It will be he who'll find a hidden branch through which access is given to the previously unaccessable neighbour's garden. When he drops something from the table, it is not out of spite that he does it. He's making experiments with gravity.

Though unconventional and impersonal, the Aquarian Cat is, nevertheless, a very sociable cat and will greet any stranger into your house with a welcoming purr. But above all, he's your best friend.


The Fish
20 February to 20 March
Element - Water
Quality - Mutable
Planet - Neptune (traditionally Jupiter)

"An enigma inside a mystery wrapped in a fur coat."

The Pisces Cat is a natural born mystic. If you cross her paw with silver she will read your fortune in the goldfish bowl (it will do instead of a crystal ball). Pisceans cats are very intuitive. As soon as you are about to reach out your hand for the tin-opener, the Piscean will come purring at your feet. Haven't you ever noticed how she gazes at an empty space, contemplating the meaning of life?

Pisces cats are also natural born actors. They will act differently every day. If today she was quiet and pensive, don't be surprised if tomorrow she's the noisiest cat in the neighbourhood. She's a cat of many purrsonalities, she's a thousand cats in one. And above all, she always finds something new to do.

However, don't be upset when your early-Spring born feline doesn't even give you a glance. Any mystic needs time for herself.

I'm now planning to make a site about feline numerology and feline Chinese horoscopes. I thought that palmistry would have been a bit difficult to apply to cats - well who can read paws? Any pics and suggestions are welcome. Till then keep on stargazing.


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