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Lakers old and new!
Unite and

Little is known that under the lake lies a maze of subterraneantunnels, in which smugglers and pirates used to do their business. Thousands of years before that, the tunnels were used as a place for ritual initiation. Now it is used only by conspiring Lakers.

And here we are, all shrouded in black robes and meeting by candlelight, lest we be seen, for we are conspiring to say thankyou to the Lady of the Lake!

Yes, our plans are these. But shhhh... ok, nobody's looking. So listen carefully. All of us shall try and come up with creative work, which may be in the form of poetry, drawings, stories, personal anecdotes and so on... the more you are personal and inventive, the better. Moreover, we would like to get some of your photos (I mean real ones, not scanned pics), and we will eventually also come up with some interesting spicy questions which you'll all try to answer *sincerely* ... hehehe... that's the fun of it. Any questions?

What will happen to my work?

Now this is the whole point of it. The collected work will be collated by Lady Kes and bound into a book, which she will personally hand to Dee Marie (Lady Nimue) when she visits her in May. This will be a thankyou gift from all of us to the Lady who is the glitz and glamour of the Lake. The title we came up with is: Liber Nimue - the book of the Lady of the Lake. You don't like the title? No problem. Send over your suggestions, and this does not count only for this point, but for all the project. Send us your ideas about what we should include. Oh, and another thing, we might eventually put a virtual copy of this book online.

Any rules and regulations?

Yes, but don't feel oppressed. There are only three rules, but they are very important:

  1. Dee must NOT know about this. It is going to be a surprise for her.
  2. It is preferable to use A4 paper (8.5 X 11 inches)
  3. Lady Kes must receive your work by Sunday 25th May.

Apart from those rules, the only limitations are those of your imagination!

Ok. This is a fantastic idea and I want to collaborate. What now?

This is a very simple thing to do. You either mail me (el-Moso) or Lady Kes, and we will give you more information about the snail-mail address you must send them to and so on...

Thanks for conspiring,

Michael (el-Moso)