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Greetings,   common  
mortal,   to   the   home  
ge   of   the   higher  
ng   known   to  
umans   as   PIO!!!

Welcome back, vicious creatures, to my lately restructured virtual spaceship. This site has grown and it is now older, stronger and wiser. Or maybe just older. Yes, you will still find boring details about me, and you will still encounter my superiority complex (which is fully justified by the way, you miserable insect!!) Oh and yes! You'll still find those irritating as ever broken links. So don't worry you'll still feel at home aboard Spaceship Pio.

By the way, if you are a cat-maniac as much as I am, click on the logo here to enter my website dedicated to the domestic furry bundles of mischief. Most of it is under construction, but here you'll find interesting info, including myths involving cats, horoscopes for your cat, and some literature that also is about cats. Have fun reading through.

Aah, where are my manners? You're in my spaceship and I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Electrode and I'm actually a native from Mars. However since you obnoxious nosey creatures sent that Pathfinder Big Brother camera on my planet I had to leave my home, and well, here I am. You get what you deserve, hehe! Anyway humans call me Michael and therefore, if you're human you can call me Michael too, but I'll leave that to you to decide. Some may ask, why the Pio then? Well that's my second name, and since it's relatively uncommon I use it as my homepage user name. You don't like it? It's your problem honey!

By the way, it's also a code name, referring to the Project for an Intelligent Omnologist, which was a genetic experiment conducted by aliens to create the most intelligent and most beautiful and most perfect creature ever. That is me! But now that you know this, I'll have to kill you. Or else just gaze at the image below for 10 seconds and you'll forget everything.

What? You can't remember what you just forgot? That was the whole point of it stoopid!

So, I guess you're still not believing that I'm an alien. Ok, to be really sure go to my Electrode page, and you'll have the proofs you need. But be careful. I don't take any responsibilty for strange visits by the Men in Black which you might get in the next few days. Well, look at the positive side of it. You might appear on the X-Files without knowing it. By the way, this is a site about my race, the famous little green men - not to be missed!!! By the way, we're only green when we have our beauty mask on.


Despite the social prejudice and widespread opinion that aliens love eating cats, I'm one great cat lover, as I already said above. My cats are pampered and they all have their own homepages, so be sure to visit them. They are called Pizza (no I don't think of eating her) and Tybalt. Some other cats used to come frequently to our garden, for example Ginu who was one of the seemingly timidest cats you would probably ever see in your life, and Mozzarella, a white cat who used to spend a lot of her time in our garden when she was pregnant. Unfortunately, however, they will never come back now. Neither shall Fluffy (ok, not a very original name I admit). However the ultimate cat will always be our Amazing Ganni, who went away and never returned.

If you keep on reading these messages
eventually you will need glasses.

Going back to the most interesting subject of myself, I would like to say that I am a jack of all trades, even though I barely feel a master of any of them. I like to draw (some say I'm good at it, but they're lying), write poems, play the piano (another thing I pretend to be good at, but I'm not), and occasionally take part in some theatrical activities. At the moment I'm studying Geography and Anthropology at the University of Malta, and I find these two subjects to be very interesting. Other things I am also interested in are Tarot cards, history and art. I'm thrilled at anything which has to do with Ancient Egypt. Oh, and for fellow book worms, I've got my bookshelves online.

You may also want to look at my collection of quotes. If you would like to send me your favourite quotes, mail them to me.

Another hobby of mine which I guess most of you net addicts probably share is chatting! My favourites are ICQ, where my number is 12724510, and MIRC where you may find me as el-Moso. Channels I hang out in are #malta, #maltachat, #maltamad, #tarot, #catchat, #mist-on-a-quiet-lake and #merkabah (which has a very cool bot!)

At this point I don't know what else to say. But if you have to tell me something, just send it to me. Or else write it in my guestbook. - it needs filling. So I'll leave that in your hands.

Got those glasses yet?
At this rate you'll be needing binoculars.

Just take a look at how popular I am.

Just kidding. ;)



Aquarius from Hair, by Jerome
Ragni and James Rado