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Greetings,   common   mortal,   to   the   home   page   of   the   higher   being   known   to   humans   as   PIO

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Hello everyone. Humans know me as Michael Pio Deguara. However that is just my human name. My true name is Electrode Hermozowsky. I'm the result of a genetic experiment conducted by aliens called P.I.O. - Project for an Intelligence Omnibus. Quite frankly, it was an even greater success than they hoped for. Seeing the pitiable state planet Earth was in, they thought that maybe you needed a higher intelligence than has ever manifested itself anywhere. Well here I am. (After all, I had to leave my summer house on Mars, after you nosey humans sent that Pathfinder remote control toy. You don't know what privacy means!!! And believe me, you don't have a hint of the technology WE have either.) Oh, and if you want to see a wacky page about me and my race click either here or on the icon.

But now, back to my personal homepage...

Despite the social prejudice and widespread opinion is that aliens love eating cats, I'm one great cat lover. My cats are called Pizza (no I don't think of eating her) and Tybalt. Some other cats come frequently to our garden, for example Ginu who is one of the seemingly timidest cats you'll probably ever see in your life, and Mozzarella, a white cat who used to spend a lot of her time in our garden when she was pregnant. Unfortunately, however, she will never come back now. Neither shall Fluffy (ok, not a very original name I admit). However the ultimate cat will always be our Amazing Ganni, who went away and never returned.

(Some of the links here don't work yet. They soon shall, so don't despair! - hehe...neither do some of the links above this message for the matter.)

Going back to the most interesting subject of myself, I would like to say that I am a jack of all trades, even though I barely feel a master of any of them. I like to draw (esp. caricatures and surrealistic sketches), write poems, play the piano, write satire especially about teachers, (I was going to include an example, but on further consideration, I thought, for the sake of my life, I'd better not!!!) and occasionally take part in some theatrical activities. I'm also interested in New Age and alternative medicine, history and in art. I'm thrilled at anything which has to do with Ancient Egypt. Oh, and for fellow book worms, I've got my bookshelves

You may also want to look at my collection of quotes. If you would like to send me your favourite quotes, send them to my e-mail address (it's written 2 lines below this point.)

At this point I don't know what else to say. But if you have to tell me something, just send it to Or else write it in my guestbook. - it needs filling. So I'll that in your hands.


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