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my poetry page...

Welcome to this dusty corner of my virtual home. Just one question. How on earth did you stumble here? I like to think that coincidences are just coincidences because we do not understand them fully. If that is true, then I'm here for a reason, and you too are here for a reason. Maybe you can send me some criticism that will help me to write better, or maybe some of my words can help you in a way or another. I do not know.

Well, here are the poems now. I have had them seperated into sections, and I have added pics (come on, who doesn't look for pics in a book!) The sections are divided according to my general mood of the time. If you want some of your poetry published, or if you want to tell me something about my poetry, don't hesitate to mail me. Another thing, if you write yourself I'm doing a small survey. Now come the poems. Happy reading!

Part 1. Et in Arcadia Ego - Youth at Vrindabana
Scream; The Earth; Illejla (tonight); Haiku 1; Tahamunian Experiences; To Jean; 22/03/96

Part 2. Exiled from the Garden
Warrior; Full Moon; Skeletons

Part 3. The Search for Happiness - Paradise Lost
Ahna (Us); Camelot; To the Walls; Atmanja; Sunett Sperimentali (Experimental Sonnet); Vicious Circle-Samsara-Waking up; To T. Lobsang Rampa; Nataraja; lil Malta (to Malta); Ritual - Sketches; Sketches for a song to Kurt Cobain; Pizza and Ganni; haiku; Walking on the Waves

Part 4. The Gates of Dis and Da'ath - the long, long, way home
Eleusis; Live; La luna piena viene soltanto una volta al mese (the full moon comes only once a month); In Vain; Fool; Wordless; 1; 16/8/97; Moments in Love; Shaking the Tree at the roots; Lothopagi; Mandala Parts 1 & 2; Da'ath;  Ulysses Found; FADEOUT

Part 5. Initiation to the Self. The beginning of the New Dawning. The Last Memories of Arcadia. The Beginning of Humanity.
99 Humanity; Pralaya; Milied; Quetzalcoatl; Hanut tal-gilda (Leather Shop); It-talba ta' Gaia (Gaia's prayer); one word; Sephiroth - Tales of a Long Lost Land; Bacchus laughs too loud; Arcadia

I sincerely hope you like these poems. If you do, or if you don't, why not mail me with your comments? I rely on your criticism.

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