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Part 2 - Exiled from the Garden

Warrior --- Full Moon --- Skeletons

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What's the Buzz in Part 2?

Arcadian innocence is lost through personal experience. Now I'm not in the Enchanted Garden of Eden anymore. I have partaken of the Fruit of Knowledge and I have been exiled from the garden. That's basically the story. On the positive side, though, there will be no more soppiness in my poems, as there was in the poems in Part 1. : )

These three poems were written at a go in one night after a pretty long period of poetic and personal numbness, in which I was still getting to terms with the loss of that happiness I had experienced before. These poems mark the first awakenings after the loss, they represent the beginning of my understanding of my own unconscious Arcadian obsession. They have a very nostalgic feel, possibly bitter ... but well, what do you expect just after a period of staticity? Happy reading ... By the way, why don't you go get yourself some popcorn and tissues just in case? : )

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I believe I'm still
        a warrior at heart. 
Always fighting for my 
I've been fighting against
        the world lately. 
Yeah, against the world. 
But there's not much sense
        left to it anymore....
No there's no sense in 
        fighting against a leather 
        clad people who think 
        that I'm mad.
Noone's on my side any more.
As I walk along these yellow
Crumbling into the sea.
        Alone crumbling into the sea.
I stand here alone, with
        swinging sword and 
        dripping blood.
I stand here.
        I stand alone.
Bastions - shattered relics
        of a time long gone, which
        was quite great but is
        no more.


I've been wounded many times
Recently, and quite badly.
I've tried to heal my wounds with love
But all I've got is
        bitter herbs that make
        it just a little worse.
Times gone.
        Nonsense fighting.
                Walking wounded.
                        I'm still a warrior at heart.

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Full Moon

Do you remember what we 
   used to do
When the full moon used 
      to shine?
We used to dance our 
   wild sacred dance.
At the sound of invisible 
Ecstasy poured from the 
   skies above.
Nothing we did want.
Remember how wild we
  used to get 
When lightning ripped the sky?
It must be the world.
  It's pretty good 
        as a sedative.


What are you digging up,
I'm digging up the 
        skeletons of the past.
Do you like them?
        Not as they are now,
        but I miss them.
All that remains is dust
    which falls back on 
    the ground
sifted through my fingers.
It's cold.
     I'm cold.

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