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Part 5. Initiation to the Self. The beginning of the New Dawning. The Last Memories of Arcadia. The Beginning of Humanity.

99 Humanity; Pralaya; Milied; Quetzalcoatl; Hanut tal-gilda (Leather Shop); It-talba ta' Gaia (Gaia's prayer); one word; Sephiroth - Tales of a Long Lost Land; Bacchus laughs too loud; Ode to Sekhmet


thing we
all know for
sure: every man
and every woman is a star. Deep inside your
deepest soul of souls, inside the Abyss
of fire, lies your Temple of the
Gods, your Ancient Crystal
City, the place where the Sun is
born. And where darkness is another
form of light. See your own light shine. Be
blessed! Thou art
I God.


Krita Yuga

Arcadia, Eden, Atlantis -
Call it what you want,
The world is shining in its
inner brilliance.

Treta Yuga

We began knowing
the Truth, but we know
it isn't true.

Dwapara Yuga

The first fights
the first breaks.

Kali Yuga

The Truth is finally known
shedding light on darkness...
the clouds gather above.


Vishnu sleeps in the darkness
of the Abyss. We know.
A shining lotus springs from
the sleeping God's navel.

***Om Nama Narayana***


Gej il-25 ta' Dicembru
u fil-Bosnia
l-anglu bi gwenhajh
miksurin idemmu
juri kartellun
imtaqqab b'zewg tiri
ta' senter
"Paci lill-bnedmin ta'
rieda tajba."

U l-Magi
spiccaw fil-Cambodia
jirfsu l-mini
ghax il-kewkba li
kellha tmexxihom
tghattiet bid-dhahen
tal-bombi li ma
lill-Bambin jorqod
fil-maxtura tieghu
b'baqra bil-Mad cow
u hmar jiekol
silla msaqqija
u jinstema
l-mard qerriedi
joqtol wiehed wiehed
in-nies tad-dinja.
U l-guh
u l-gwerer
u l-faqar
u d-dwejjaq,
xejn ma jwaqqaf il-25.

U ahna
nkabbru l-qamh
u l-gulbiena
jiddi bl-eletriku
u nzejnu
sigret il-frugha
u nkantaw
u nkantaw...

"And so this is merry Christmas
everybody having fun..."

U Alla suppost
jerga jitwieled fil-maxtura
ta' qalbna
biex insallbuh
ta' l-ghada.


The 25th of December is coming
and in Bosnia
the angel with bloody
broken wings
shows a written sign
punctured by two shots
of a shotgun
"Peace be to all people
of good will."

And the Magi
ended up in Cambodia
stepping on landmines
because the star that
was supposed to guide them
was covered with the smoke
of the the bombs which
wouldn't let
the child sleep
in his manger
with a cow infected with Mad Cow
and an ass eating
hay watered
with sewage
and deadly sicknesses
are heard
killing one by one
the people of the world.
And hunger
and war
and poverty
and sadness,
nothing of this is stopped by the 25th.

And we
grow corn
and vetch
that strangle
the child
shining with electricity
and we decorate
the tree of vanity
and we sing
and we sing...

"And so this is merry Christmas
everybody having fun..."

And God is supposed
to be re-born in the manger
of our heart
for us to crucify
as the next day



Tajtkom kull ma ridtu
imma ma ridtunix.
Ha nhalli l-kuruna hawn,
u ninza' hwejgi fit-toroq
u nghaddi mill-Wied ghall-ahhar darba.
U minn hemm, gharwien fl-ilwien tieghi
nimxiha sal-bahar ha jigu s-sriep ta' l-gherf
u johduni l'hemm... l'hemm minn dad-dwejjaq,
l'hemm minn kulhadd
u jehduni, sultan biss tieghi nnifsi
u hemm ninharaq
u f'torri tan-nar
nerga' nitwahhad


I gave you all you wanted
but you didn't want me.
I'm leaving my crown here
and I'll take off my clothes in the streets
and I'll pass through the Valley for the last time.
And there, naked in my colours
I'll walk it to the sea, and the serpents of wisdom will
come to take me away... away from this sadness,
away from everybody
and they'll take me away, king only of myself
and there I'll burn
in a tower of fire
to become one again
with the sun
in a blue

Hanut tal-gilda

U s-sahhar mejjel
il-purtiera ta' gild l-ors
u qalli:
"Idhol halli nbieghlek kadavru;
flok tidfnu trid tilbsu."

Leather Shop

The wizard pushed aside
the bearskin curtain
and told me:
"Come inside let me sell you a corpse;
instead of burying it, though, you wear it."


It-talba ta' Gaia

Aqrali xortija!
Fit-tidwir taz-zejt fuq wicc il-bahar-
aqrali xortija.
Fit-twerziq tas-sigar meta jinqatghu-
aqrali xortija.
Fl-istilel li ma jidhrux bid-dhahen-
aqrali xortija.

Gaia's prayer

Read my fortune!
In the swirling oil on the sea's surface-
read my fortune.
In the screams of the trees while they're being cut-
read my fortune.
In the stars that are covered with fumes-
read my fortune.

One word...

One word,
one single word or
a touch, might at
times bring me
back home, in
that place where
I lived happily
so many years

Sephiroth - tales of a long lost land

one foot in Tipharet
one foot in the air
one foot in the air
two feet in the darkness
thus begins my journey
as the fool who has
no number and whose
number is the most
arcane, one glimpse
of wisdom one
glimpse of understanding
has pushed me off
the precipice and
now i wade in i
in knowledge in darkness
in the Abyss. in i.

the road to Kether is long.
the road to myself
i hear ancient
hymns from the
land of the sun,
from Vrindavan
and Arcady, sacred
names come unto me -
"io pan io pan
io pan pan o pan
do as thou wilt
as a great god can"

and I am left
with memories of
a promised land
left wading in i.

Bacchus laughs too loud
(for P.A.)

Bacchus laughs in cemetries they say -
it doesn't sound too bad
till you realize that
death is all around you,
and you are shaken to the roots,
the fragile roots which keep us
earthed to solidity
where one slight push
may send you whirling
in the darkness
in idontknowwhere...

Bacchus - you laugh too loud
for one shaken at the roots -
one star less shines in heaven.

Ode to Sekhmet

In the murky waters
a hippo wades,
a caricature of nature.
The rhino gets angry at himself
while the hyenas laugh like idiots,
in a coward manner surrounding
a buffallo, ten to one, and one is dead.

But in the savannah there shines
a wild light
like a secondary sun sleeps the lion,
sleeps the daughter of Ra, Sekhmet.

The lion sleeps - a massive fire potential
in her
a strength that kills
higher strengths
and image of the sun.

99 - Humanity is a very strange poem. The phrase "every man and every woman is a star" is taken from Aliester Crowley's The Book of the Law. It was for a lot of time the only thing I ever knew by Crowley, and thinking too much about it made me write this poem. I don't think I understood my own writing completely though, since each time I read this poem, new meanings come into my mind.

Pralaya is a poem which links the cycles in my life with the universal cycles according to Indian philosophers. They believe in four ages or yugas, whose Sanskrit names head each new stanza, each one progressively with an increasing amount of corruption. We're in the fourth right now... makes you wonder if they may be really right. At the end of the four yugas, there is a period of rest called pralaya where Vishnu sleeps on the Universal Ocean and from his navel Brahma (Narayan) springs up in a shining lotus. Brahma is the Creator, and thus it is befitting to end the poem with the expectation of a new creation.

Milied is a reflection on the way religion is given more importance than it's meaning. We're all missing the point of faith, and we have been doing this since the beginning of time. The corn (not the edible variety) and vetch are two plants traditionally grown in Christmas in Malta to decorate small statues of the Baby Jesus.

Quetzalcoatl was a legendary king who once ruled the Aztecs. He banned human sacrifice amongst other things, and his age was an idyllic one. But his evil twin brother Tezcatlipoca lured the people into reverting to their old bloody religion, and thus Quetzalcoatl abdicated, till he reached the sea, where a serpentine raft carried him outwards into the ocean, where he burnt till he joined the Sun, his divine father.

Hanut tal-Gilda is a personal protest against leather goods, which are, essentially, a carcass. Gaia's prayer is also an environmental poem. I don't remember what one word... was about. **giggle**

Sephiroth are the ten spheres of existence in Kaballah. Tiphereth is the sphere of balance, which I personally equate with the idyllic life... to step ahead of Tiphereth though, is to step into the Abyss. Bacchus laughs to loud is for an acquaintance of mine whose death at 19 really shocked me and all my schoolmates. Ode to Sekhmet is the only time I found my father's nature programs inspiring. Sekhmet is the lion goddess of Egypt.

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