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Walking on the Sun by Smash Mouth

read on for a guided tour...

So, this is where our journey starts. Wanna know more about the Sun and other planets? Click here. The Sun rules the star sign of Leo. If you are a Leo yourself, or you know someone who's a Leo you can check out the star sign description here.

That's all as for astronomy and astrology. Now let's get to the other stuff. Something obviously connected with the Sun is the sunflower. Wanna see sunflower pics, or even order sunflowers for somebody special?  Go to Sunflowers from Switzerland. The Ancient Egyptians were only one of the many ancient cultures that venerated Sun gods. Wanna know more about this marvellous society? Go to Guardian's Egypt. Today instead, the Sun is used for solar energy. Click here for more info on this ecological energy source.

The Sun is traditionally associated with games and entertainment. If you want to take a break, go and play some online game at Tripod's Toybox (now shouldn't you be working?). If you want to download games go to these two sites: Rocket Download and Games Domain. They will have many from which to choose. But my particularly fave site is P.S. Nealey's homepage where you can download and order games which, for instance, the Ancient Egyptians or Chinese actually used to play!

The Sun is also connected with the the theatre. If this ranks among your interests, go to this interesting page. A solar person is an optimist. If you are one or if you just want to read something positive, go to this sunny site.

Malta, the place where I live, is known as "the Islands in the Sun". Check out Grazio's Malta Virtwali to know more about this sunny place...

And, are you feeling creative? Creativity is a solar quality, too. Articulata is a site about poetry and includes a section for what is known as "collective poetry" where several people contribute continually to a long poem.

Have fun.

Hope to see you again soon. :)

All images from The Nine Planets

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