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Close encounters with the author of this page...

In my homepage I mentioned the name "Electrode Hermozowsky". What the heck does that mean??? The story is just that when I took part in a musical called "Salad Days" I had the part of Electrode, the alien. By the way, in the musical I was from Planet Zed, not Mars. But who has ever heard of Zed, anyway? Well I had quite a "particular" appearance to say the least...I will get the pic scanned one of those days, as only seeing is believing in such cases... Anyway, many people started calling me Electrode instead of Michael or Pio. So that explains the name...

Now the surname "Hermozowsky" is a corruption of a Spanish word (meaning beautiful ... but oh! the stories behind that word ... hehe) made to sound a bit alien. People told me it sounded Russian rather than Martian, but what surname would you expect me to choose? Dr. Spock???

So now you know something else about my interesting self. I'm just full of surprises... :)

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