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Bus ride to Venus...

Venus represents love, romance, beauty, culture, aesthetics, affection, one's social appeal and acceptability, good taste, harmony and values. Thus here you will find things that have to do with, beauty, love, and enjoying life in general. Wanna know more about Venus and other planets? Click here. Venus rules the star signs of Taurus and Libra. If you are a Taurus or Libra yourself, or you know someone who's one of those signs you can check out the star sign description here.

So, first place we have to visit on Venus is Tantra is a very healthy, and very ancient code of ethics which originated in India, and is based on the relationship we have to our sexuality. Some may already be familiar with the holy text of Tantra, which is the very famous Kama Sutra. By the way, Kama Sutra is also the title of a film, and you can see information and pictures about this fabulous film here. Speaking about films... one can't leave out the most popular romantic film recently... TITANIC.

For the more self conscious, here is a site which will give you some tips on how to enhance your beauty. Also, a must visit is this interesting e-zine on style. However beauty is not only skin deep. Here is a good page which explains the history of art. Also, one should read this enlightening essay about beauty. For those looking for a simpler thing, here's Disney's Beauty and the Beast For some more inspiration, here is some poetry and prose about beauty.

For those who are into stargazing, this astro-compatibility check can be interesting. For those who are still looking for their love, this dateline agency might mean something, though IRC is often renowned as being a dateline agency, as is shown from the picture below... lol

For the bon-viveurs, this site may prove yummy. If you're not certain of your quality of life, check out this test.

Have fun.
Hope to see you again soon. :)

Planet image from The Nine Planets

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