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Celebrating the Seasons
Arcimboldo - Spring Arcimboldo - Summer Arcimboldo - Autumn Arcimboldo - Winter  
pictures by Arcimboldo, "The Seasons"
The turning of the Seasons has been celebrated ever since the dawn of time. The annual fluctuations of warmth, rainfall and sunlight have often determined the livelihood of our ancestors, especially those who have depended on agriculture.  Most of us today lead lives that are not directly influenced by these fluctuations, or are they?  We may not work in agriculture, but we are still subject to feelings of cold and heat.  True enough, you might have your airconditioner determining the room temperature, but it is still the unconditioned climate that you face again as soon as you go out of a building.  We are still subject to the ratio of light and dark hours in a day.  Biologists assure us that this affects our physical and mental system, and have labelled the feelings of depression often felt during the winter season as Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).  Our secular patterns often reflect seasonal patterns, for instance tourism and the school year are intrinsically seasonal in nature.  What about holidays like Christmas, which comes around the Winter Solstice, and Easter which always occurs just after the Spring Equinox?

This ever-turning seasonal cycle has in the past acquired a huge amount of lore and tradition.  Celebrations, mythology and religion have been weaved around them.  However, having said that, why should we celebrate the turning of this wheel?


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