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Pio's firmament of links...

Till lately my links were merely scribbled on scraps of paper which were shut in the darkness of my drawer. I'm not a great believer in astrology, but when I came to organise my links I thought that only the planets can hopefully ever organise my links. So I took the connotations which planets have been given throughout the ages, and placed the links that way. I hope you like the approach. Now go see them... By the way, the descriptions given below are very general. There is much more to see in all of them.

Fasten your seatbelts please, the journey starts....
Have a nice trip...

Take a shuttle to the Sun
- Come here for games, entertainment in general, and optimism

Blast off to Mercury
This is the place for communication, brain-teasers and travelling

Bus it to Venus
The romantic person's haven, but not only. It also includes fashion, money and the arts.

Stay on Spaceship Earth
This is all about finding your roots, protecting your environment, and much more...

Take a stroll to the Moon
Nostalgia, fantasy, homepaging and other things here.

Walk it home to Mars
The Red Planet has many interesting links to give, from many categories, but all with that Martian, spicy hot flavour.

Hitch a ride to Jupiter
At Jupiter you'll find games, philosophy and spirituality as well as a bright outlook on life.

Voyage to Saturn
Not necessarily a gloomy planet. Just a practical one - come here to build a virtual home or to find study aids.

Flight to Uranus
This is the planet of change. Come here for media, space travel, sci-fi and everything that's unexpected...hehehe

Trip to Neptune
The cloudy planet brings you idealism and art.

Right on to Pluto
This is a place for those who enjoy the dark side of life.

Get a closer look of the bright stars
This, finally, is a page dedicated to people (and not only people) who are important to me. I surely considered them as "bright stars".

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